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D-Railed Boys

7 years Plus

Our new and exciting class launching this April. 



Move, dance, smile and laugh together

Cognitive development

Using their imagination to think and explore whilst dancing

Playful & creative themes

Watch the enjoyment they get from moving their bodies in a fun and magical way

Confident kids

Children having an earlier exposure to movement can stimulate a sense of autonomy, body confidence and self esteem


What the parents say...


"Well today obviously impacted on my daughter as she's just made me play Street dance. Stretching up high, touching toes and sitting on her bottom putting her legs up in the air!"

"Copy me mummy!"

"My daughter has delayed gross motor skills but since Sheryl has been teaching her Dance it has improved massively. My daughter looks forward to attending each week and gets so excited when she earns a sticker at the end of each class. I would highly recommend D-Railed Dance School, you won't regret it!"

"You're so great with the kids. I can't stop smiling in class, seeing them all so happy and loving life."

"Sheryl is amazing with the kids, very inclusive and her class prices are very reasonable."

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